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Personal data (see bussiness terms and conditions)

7. Protection of personal data

7.1 The buyer declares that all the data he provided to the seller for the purpose of delivery of the goods is true and corresponds to actual fact, during which time he is aware of the potential consequences arising from the falsity of such declarations.

7.2 The seller declares that all personal data provided to it by the buyer is confidential, shall only be used for the seller’s internal requirements and shall not be disclosed, provided to third parties or otherwise misused.

7.3 When handling personal data, the seller is required to abide by Act number 110/2019 Coll., on the Processing of Personal Data, as amended, and Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council (EU) of 27 April 2016 on the Protection of Natural Persons in Relation to the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of Such Data, repealing Guideline 95/46/EC (hereinafter the “GDPR”).

7.4 The seller also informs the buyer that:

  1. he may contact the seller at any time at the address or e-mail address specified in Article 1.1.;
  2. the seller processes the personal data itself, in written or electronic form. Personal data may also be processed for the seller by other subjects in the position of so-called processors, with whom the seller concludes a personal data processing agreement;
  3. the seller shall process personal data for commercial, logistical, statistical and marketing reasons and also for the purpose of fulfilling the purchase contract, within the meaning of Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR, and also for the purpose of fulfilling labour obligations applying to the seller and which chiefly arise from the tax regulations and Act No. 253/2008 Coll., within the meaning of Article 6(1) of the GDPR, and also for the purpose of the seller’s legitimate interests, within the meaning of Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR;
  4. only third parties, which the seller uses in relation to fulfilment of its obligations towards the buyer on the grounds of the purchase contract shall be recipients of personal data, particularly providers of maintenance of the seller’s information system and other recipients depending on the buyer’s needs and instructions. In addition to these persons, the personal data may only be disclosed to subjects authorised according to the special legal regulations (e.g. law enforcement bodies, etc.) and persons in the position of personal data processor active for the seller. The seller shall send the buyer the current list of processors to his e-mail or postal address on request;
  5. the seller shall only store the personal data for the duration of the purchase contract and, after the contract is terminated, for the period stipulated by the generally binding legal regulations regulating archiving of accounting documents;
  6. the buyer is entitled to request access to personal data, correction or deletion of such data, or restriction of processing of such data by the seller, to raise an objection against processing to the seller, and is also entitled to the transferability of such data. The right to access to personal data means that the buyer is entitled to obtain information from the seller about whether it processes his personal data, and if so, what data this concerns and how it is processed. The buyer is also entitled to the seller having to correct inaccurate personal data concerning the buyer, at his request and without undue delay. The buyer is entitled to supplement incomplete data at any time. The right to deletion of personal data represents, in other words, the seller’s duty to dispose of the processed buyer’s personal data if certain conditions are met and the buyer requests this. The buyer is also entitled to the seller being required to restrict the processing of his personal data in certain cases. The buyer is entitled to raise an objection at any time against processing that is based on the legitimate interests of the seller, a third party, or is essential for the fulfilment of tasks carried out in public interest or during the exercising of public powers. The right to the transferability of data gives the buyer the right to obtain personal data that he provided to the controller, in standard and machine-readable format. This data may then be provided to another controller or, if technically possible, the buyer may ask that the controllers pass this data on to each other;
  7. if processing is based on the buyer’s consent to such processing, the buyer is entitled to withdraw such consent, fully or partially, without this affecting the legality of processing based on consent granted before such withdrawal. Consent may be withdrawn by written notice sent to the address of the seller’s registered office or to the seller’s e-mail address given above. From the date the seller is notified of such withdrawal of consent, the seller may only process personal data in the scope for which it has another legal reason for processing, i.e. for the purpose of fulfilment of its legal obligations or for the purpose of protection of its rights and legal claims;
  8. the buyer is entitled to file a complaint to the Office for Protection of Personal Data, if he believes that the processing of personal data was in breach of the GDPR;
  9. if the buyer finds or believes that the seller processes personal data in breach of protection of the private and personal life of a client or in conflict with the law, particularly if personal data is inaccurate with regard to the purpose of its processing, the buyer is entitled to ask the seller or the processor for an explanation or request that the seller or processor remedy such a situation (particularly by blocking, correcting, supplementing or disposing of personal data);
  10. provision of personal data for the purpose set out in letter c) is the seller’s contractual requirement, which the buyer is not required to meet, during which time a purchase contract, as specified in letter c) would not be concluded with him in such cases;
  11. more information about the buyer’s rights is available on the website of the Office for Protection of Personal Data. (;

7.5 By sending an order for goods, the buyer grants the seller his consent to the processing of his personal data and data about his purchases.

7.6 The provisions of articles 7.3 and 7.4 do not apply to the processing of the personal data of buyers who are legal persons.