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We have prepared boat stencils (C1, K1, C2) and a stencil of our Tony helmet that you can use when creating the design of you new boat or helmet. Layout of the stickers and cockpit are the main advantages of our stencils so you will get good idea about what design you can make. You can download either PDF file or CDR file (version 12). PDF is suitable for format A4 printing. CDR is suitable for design creation in the graphic program Corel DRAW. We are looking forward to create a beautiful boat for you!


K1 boat

K1_stencil.cdr (67 kB)

K1_stencil_A4.pdf (1.33 MB) kB) (85 kB)

K1_stencil.psd (723 kB)

K1 boat Galasport, šablona, stencil

C1 boat

C1_stencil.cdr (65 kB)

C1_stencil_A4.pdf (1.33 MB) (81 kB) (86 kB)

C1_stencil.psd (710 kB)

C1 boat Galasport, šablona, stencil

C2 boat

C2_stencil.cdr (58 kB) 

C2_stencil_A4.pdf (1.33 MB) kB)

C2_stencil.psd (1.59 MB)

C2 boat Galasport, šablona, stencil

Tony helmet

Přilba_sablona_A4.pdf (24 kB)

Přilba_sablona.cdr (417 kB)

Př (52 kB)

Přilba_sablona.psd (373 kB)

Tony helmet galasport, přilba, helma, šablona, stencil

Polo PFD'S

Polo vesta_sablona.pdf (1,3MB)

Polo vesta_sablona.cdr (55kB)

Polo (101kB)


K1 boat Galasport, šablona, stencil