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We are proud of what people are thinking about us and how we can help them to enjoy paddling even more!


Galasport is where family and friends gather, and where high technical expertise and professional paddling knowledge create a magical blend. The result: top-end designs, careful hand-craft and functionality at the top of the scale. No exaggeration.

Valérie, team G freestyle-creek-(slalom)


Galasport? One of the reason of my success for sure. I use the galasport's products whole my life an so I will till the end of my professional career. I am proud of promoting the name of this traditional and family company. Great professional attitude and service with friendly environment. 


Vavřinec Hradílek, professional athlete, silver medalist London 2012 (K1 men)

I choose Galasport because not only do they make a wicked product but they go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need. Great personal service for everyone no matter if you're a grom or world leader. A great all round company to deal with. 


Mike Dawson, New Zealand's Olympian and world known ww paddler

Galasport is like a family to me. We can drink a beer and chat together like a good friends. Galasport's employees are trying to build each boat and paddle perfectly. Galasport is trying every year to make something special for paddlers that would be as anything else on the market. They are really pushing the sport forward.


Sideris Tasiadis, professional athlete, silver medalist London 2012 (C1 men)


The reason why I use Galasport product is simple. Not only do they make great designs, but the support and customer service I receive from Vlada and the rest of the Galasport team is incredible. They make you feel like your part of the family!


John Hastings, professional athlete (CAN)


I was really impressed with the service I got from Galasport. The construction quality, sizing and finishing detail of my boats were superb. On top of that, the people are friendly, honest and a pleasure to deal with. After many years of racing and many new boats, Galasport are hard to beat!


Campbell Walsh, professional athlete (GBR)