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Races we will take part in 2018

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Races we will take part in 2018

Stay informed about the races where you can meet us (somebody of our team). There is a list of races we will take part in.  If you will take part in some of mentioned races and if you want us to do something for you please contact us at least one week in advance on this email address: info(at)


We are looking forward to see you!




European Chamionships - Prague, Czech Republic

1. - 3.6.2018


1st World Cup - Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

22. - 24.6.2018

2nd World Cup - Krakow, Poland

29.6. - 1.7.2018

3rd World Cup - Augsburg, Germany

6. - 8.7.2018

World Chamionships Junior & U23 - Ivrea, Italy

17. - 22.7.2018

European Chamionships Junior & U23 - Bratislava, Slovakia

16. - 19.8.2018


4th World Cup - Tacen, Slovenia

30.8 - 2.9.2018