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Pyramid technology

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Pyramid technology

This year we were pushed by ICF boat weight regulation to develop new construction technology. We initially had serious concerns as to the potential effect on lower boat quality when trying to make it lighter and lighter. However we took the opportunity to improve our boat’s construction to produce the lightest boat ever that would be as solid as a rock. After half a year of testing has allowed us to produce K1 and C1 boats of 6,8 – 7,2kg weight and C2 boat of 11kg weight thanks to this unique technology. We call it PYRAMID TECHNOLOGY.


We cooperated with COMPOTECH during the development. This is a Composite Manufacturing Company with expertise in Technically Advanced, Damped, Composite beams, Tubes and their Connections. COMPOTECH is a specialist in innovation of structure, innovation of composite and innovation of manufacturing process.


The principle of new pyramid technology is in general dual stiffness control of the aft section of the boat hull. 

pyramid technology, slalom boat construction, galasport boat construction

First control system

The first improved stiffness control can be found in aft hull cross section, where sandwich panels between the skins in hull and deck are tapered in thickness from minimum thickness on sides and maximum thickness in the middle of hull cross section. The principle of tapering is to follow theoretical load path of transversal hull load by outside water pressure or point loads. This technique significantly improves the old constant thickness sandwich plate, which was sensitive to skin cracking on its edges, where high shear load occurred due to a big step in skin stiffness. Now we are able to provide a long-term construction firmness thanks to this control system.

pyramid technology, slalom boat construction, galasport boat construction

Second control system



The first stiffness control system - Improved stiffness of hull cross section already provides big improvement than usual with connection by a solid foam longitudinal rib, which can be completely avoided. This is further enhanced bt the second improved stiffness control principal which is a flexible connection between the hull and deck. For improving the overall reliability of the system in case of aft tip impact carbon fibre rings with controlled stiffness were developed. This original registered flexible connection is an essential element that ensures 100% system functionality. This ring enables the transfer of just the right amount of shear load from hull to decks so that absorption of energy in panel stability is controlled to its maximum limit. It helps to avoid boat‘s torsion and prevents boat from breaking.

pyramid technology, galasport, boat construction

Detail1 - carbon ring's deformation                            Detail 2 - carbon ring's deformation    

 pyramid technology, galasport, boat construction pyramid technology, galasport, boat construction