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New boat´s characteristics

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New boat´s characteristics

We have remade current boat´s characteristics to make your decision easier when choosing a new boat. Each specification is evaluated from 1 – 10 where 10 means the best or the most suitable. What every characteristic means?


Speed = speed of the boat on the flat water that helps you to get from point A to point B.


Spin = how easy you can spin the boat using back stroke or sweep stroke.


Stability = how stable is the boat during paddling a pivoting. More stability means more comfort for beginners and advanced paddlers who are still not capable to handle real wild race boat.


Acceleration = boat´s ability to accelerate out of the upstream gates. Some boats are easy to get their bottom under the water but these boats are missing the acceleration little bit. Higher score means better acceleration and less playful boat.


Drifting = means how the boat keeps the line during paddling. Higher score means that boat´s direction can be changed very easily only by sweep stroke. Boats with high drifting score are suitable for beginers and advanced paddlers who need to fix mistakes quickly and efficiently if needed. These boats are very playful but not so fast.


Entry level = how suitable is the boat for beginners


Advanced = how suitable is the boat for advanced paddlers


Pro = How suitable is the boat for top paddlers


Sex = Most of our K1 boats are unisex (can be used both by men and women). Anyway there are some special women boats in C1 category and some special K1 boats dedicated for kids and young paddlers only.


Tonnage = optimal weight of the paddler.



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