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How to assemble paddles (blades onto shaft)

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How to assemble paddles (blades onto shaft)

We very strongly recommend the use of an epoxy resin for the assembly of all joints (blade to shaft, shaft centre connections, etc.). In the case that you use hot glue ( thermoplastic glue)  for assembly then unfortunately we will not be able to offer any warranty for the damage of the shaft.

There are instructions how to assemble the blades together with shafts :

Use protective vinyl gloves when you work with an epoxy resin.

1/ The ends of shafts and the interior of blade necks must be  lightly rubbed with fine glass paper.

2/ Prepare the epoxy resin . You have to mix two parts of epoxy resin  in the recommended ratio .

3/ Spread the epoxy resin on both surfaces of  the shaft and the interior of the blade neck. Use a wooden  spatula for the spreading.

4/  Put the blade on the shaft and twist with the blade so that the epoxy resin  is  spread uniformly on all  cleaned surfaces of blade and shaft .

5/ Wrap the glass roving ( saturated with epoxy resin) 3 times around the shaft  ( the last 3 cm) .

6/ When the glass roving is wrapped around put the blade fully on shaft.  Push the blade until it is fully seated within the shaft

7/ Remove the excess epoxy resin

8/ Wrap the connecting point  3 times around with the flexible electrical tape

9/ Keep the paddle in horizontal position for at least 4 hours until the epoxy resin is hardened. The resin is hard after 4 hours but you can paddle after 24 hours.