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POP and SMOOTHIE are coming!

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Friday, 11 April, 2014

POP and SMOOTHIE are coming!

Galasport company presents two new C1 boats for the season 2014! 


The first one is the POP. It is a modification of our very successful model the WHAT ELSE. We are aware that the What else is intended for narrow spectrum of paddlers and we wanted to change this.






Intention of our development was to provide Tony Estanguet´s visions to more paddlers. Developed boat keeps elemental atributes of the WHAT ELSE, but becomes more user-friendly at the same time. The WHAT ELSE has a strong "team player" by its side for the season 2014!


The slalom legend Lukáš Polert is one of the first canoeist using this model. For more details about the POP click HERE.





The SMOOTHIE is a second novelty we have prepared for you. It's already two years since the CARIOCA has been introduced. Now there is a new alternative for low weight level canoeists in our portfolio. We do believe that this boat will be suitable especially for C1 women category.




A growing number of  C1 woman paddlers requries wider portfolio of boats to choose. That´s why we spent winter months by converting Carioca so that its attributes provide even bigger advantage over opponents. Smoothie is the result! It's a successor suitable both for easy and difficult slalom courses. Although Smoothie was developed primarily for women, its qualities will be appreciated by juniors too. Optimal weight level of paddlers for this boat is up to 65 kg.


Caroline Loir is the first one from elite C1 woman paddlers who has choosen the Smoothie. For more details about this model click HERE.


Caroline Loir on Smoothie