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DUEM race combos sale

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Monday, 31 March, 2014

DUEM race combos sale

Duem race combos for sale! Last pieces on our stock for 1999 CZK. A slim cut & lightweight combo for normal weather conditions with Galasport logotypes. With its slim-line cut and incredibly lightweight fabric you'll hardly realise your wearing this combo! Brilliant for training and racing in summer. 


- Extra-soft neoprene neck and arm seals

- Extremly lightweight fabric


There are last pieces on our stock available for this price. Contact us via email for order. Use catalog number as a subject of your email (03572DUEM - short sleeve, 03571DUEM - long sleeve). This offer is limited so be aware that your required size needn't be available. Thank you for understanding.



Duem combos available on our stock on 18th of September 2014 11a.m.


Cat. number Item size M size L size XL
03571DUEM K1 combo long sleeve none 1 piece none
03572DUEM K1 combo short sleeve none none 1 piece