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Sideris Tasiadis and Sebastian Schubert - overall World Cup winners

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Monday, 26 August, 2013

Sideris Tasiadis and Sebastian Schubert - overall World Cup winners

The last World Cup took place on the traditional course in Cunovo where the best paddlers were awarded. The victory of Sebastian Schubert (Sonic Boom) in K1 men category is a great result for him and for Galasport as well. Sebastian was competing with another two German kayakers - Hannes Aigner and Fabian Doerfler till the very last race. Fabian was not able to make a final in Bratislava so he actually lost the chance to fight for the title and let Sebastian and Hannes to show who's gonna win the K1 men category. There are 7 Galasport boats (Sonic or Sonic Boom) in TOP 10 in K1 men category. Vavřinec Hradilek (silver Olympic medalist) is the last one in TOP 10 in K1 men World Cup standings.

Sebastian Schubert_bratislava_galasport


Sideris Tasiadis_galasportThe second title for Galasport was won by German C1 paddler Sideris Tasiadis (the What Else boat). He has won the title before Slovak paddler Matěj Beňuš and Slovenian paddler Anze Berčič. Anze was an overall leader after 4 races but in Bratislava he had a similar problem as Fabian Doerfler. Anze wasn't fast enough in his semifinal run to take part in the final race and he let Sideris and Matěj to fight for the overall victory.


The C1 men category was won by the Slovak legend - Michal Martikán. He is fully concentrated on the World Championship in Prague and Bratislava was the only World Cup in this season he took part in. One World cup and one victory for Michal Martikán. This competitor has shown that he was still pretty fast and that he wanted to fight for the medals in Prague for sure.



Emilie Fer_galasportBratislava was a quite big race for another Galasport's paddler. Emilie Fer's final run was exceptional and 3.25s is a very significant winning margin. Emilie took part in only three World Cups this year and she was able to win two of them (Augsburg and Bratislava). Let's see how fast Emilie can be in Prague in 14 days.


Jessica Fox became an icon in C1 women category. She's the only one paddler who was able to make a medal in every single World Cup race. Jessica has won 4 from 5 races and got the overall title. Second place in overall ranking belongs to Kateřina Hošková (Galasport) who got the silver medal in Bratislava.  


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