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Galasport, official czech team partner

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Monday, 27 May, 2013

Galasport, official czech team partner

We are aware that there is a strong need to support our sport in every country. It is really important to get white water slalom into TV broadcast so it could become famous and respected sport. This process allows the growth of sportsmen base and it brings more medal's achievments to the country. The sport's visibility generates funds that can be invested to the sport expansion so we could have new sport icons to be proud of.

Galasport, official czech team partner 

Due to this need we have decided to support Czech canoe union and we have became an official Czech team partner. Some of you could see the Czech trials thanks to this support. If you haven't seen it there are links bellow you can follow to see the recorded broadcast online:


1st and 2nd trial - Trnávka:

3rd and 4th trial - Trója:


Good luck Czech team!


Team Galasport