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A boat testing: The Sonic Boom

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Friday, 2 November, 2012

A boat testing: The Sonic Boom

The Sonic Boom has a final shape and name so there is the best time now to let public to test it! We would like to present our new K1 boat to the paddlers during the autumn when there is a right time to test the new boat. 


This weekend there are two destinations  where you can test our new kayak. The Lee Valley in the UK and Pau in France. We are testing our novelty the Sonic Boom on the Olympic course in the Lee Valley during the British Open 2012. Although the weather is not optimal there are many paddlers that are keen to try our boats what makes us very pleased ! France: There is our distributor Reglisse in Pau at the final race N1. Doesn't matter if you are at the British Open in the Lee Valley  or at the final race N1 in Pau ! You are welcome to come and test !


Foto: testing in the Lee Valley (London)

Galasport, sonic boomGalasport, sonic boom

Galasport, sonic boom Galasport, sonic boom