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Monday, 3 September, 2012


The very last race of ICF slalom World Cup took place in Slovakia (Čunovo). There were a qualification, semi and final course set up to show who is the best paddler all around the world. The course for the qualification was designed by the Slovak legend - Michal Martikan. Unfortunatelly he couldn't take part in the race then.

Even if the ICF was correcting the course (to make it easier) there weren't many paddlers without any mistakes during the qualification. Especially the category of C1 women and C2 men was struggling little bit. Triple olympic champions brothers Hochschorner didn't take part in their 2nd qualification run and didn't make the semifinal which was a big surprise. This was a big disappointment for home crowd.


Jure Meglic Galasport

There was a bad weather for the K1 men, C1 men and C1 women final on saturday. The new course designed by Mr. Kaufmann was way easier than the qualification one on Friday. Nevertheless many great paddlers were out of the final race due to the hard combination under Slovak Niagara. There was a difficult stagger from left to the right and back to the left upstream gate. Even if the C1 girls were fighting so hard there was a difference between the first one and the last one going to the final almost 90seconds. French Caroline Loir finished 11th and she lost the chance to win the overall ranking when not taking part in the final race. Not even another G paddler Kateřina Hošková wasn't able to win overall ranking in C1 women category when she was beaten by 0,4s by australian Rosalyne Lawrence who took the first place in overall ranking instead of her.


Slovenian paddler Jure Meglič had a great "comeback" during this World Cup. He won (paddling the Echo of the Toro) and he enjoyed it proper! Boris Neveu from France (paddling the Sonic) took the silver medal. Etienne Daille has finished his great season by the bronz medal and by overall ranking victory in K1 men category.

There was Vitezslav Gebas (paddling the What else) in C1 men category who did take the 3rd place for Galasport. 

Ursa Kragelj Sonic Galasport


On Sunday final there were much more spectators than on the previous day and the mood was really nice. In C2 men category the Slovenian crew Sašo Taljat/Luka Božič finished 3rd in overall ranking (paddling the SL). Jana Dukatova has won the last World Cup in K1 women category. Our paddler Urša Kragelj (paddling the Sonic) finished 3rd but she has won the overall ranking which was the best result for her so far. Congratulation from Richard Fox was a nice reward!


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