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NO SLIDE shafts

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Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

NO SLIDE shafts

The NO SLIDE kayak carbon shafts are made of prepreg carbon.


The NO SLIDE shafts were designed and produced for slalom and they can be used at top world competitions. These shafts are the first ones which thanks to their special surface modification guarantee an impossibility of slipping of the hand along the full length of the shaft. If somebody doesn´t like the adhesion of the surface in the place of the grip of the twisting hand then he can change the coarseness of the surface during few seconds with a underwater emery ( grain approx. 400). When you move your hand next to the place of grip you can be sure that your hand will not slide. It is ideal for paddles which are changing the place of the grip. It isn´t neccessary anymore to degrease or to brush the shiny parts of the shaft.


  • K1 shaft NO SLIDE 28 - the rigidity was designed for kayakers, strong juniors and strong women.
  • K1 shaft NO SLIDE 28 Comfort - the rigidity of this shaft is 14% less than at NO SLIDE 28 shaft. This shaft was designed for young paddlers, juniors and women or men which prefere softer shafts.
  • K1 shaft NO SLIDE 29 - this shaft was designed for kayakers requesting a bigger diameter of the shaft. As the bigger diameter is requested by bigger and stronger kayakers we produce this shaft in only one - more rigid modification.

All K1 shafts can be used with our carbon connector USA that allows swift changing of paddle´s angle and lenght.


  • C1 shaft NO SLIDE – 26/29mm – Special cone-shaped shaft designed for C1 paddlers. 35cm long part of diameter 29mm is followed by trully cone-shaped part that ends up with another 40 cm long part of 26mm diameter. You can be sure that your handle fits the shaft perfectly.