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New innovation for the C1 Category

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Monday, 20 March, 2017

New innovation for the C1 Category

After almost a year of development we are now ready to introduce the new C1 conception, we are happy to introduce the new model named the “Line”. The Pink and Yellow was and still is a very popular design amongst competitors but it is important to offer variety to suit all paddler styles. The “Line” keeps up with the modern design of C1’s as we have listened to the athletes.


The main thought behind the “Line” was to keep the two attributes of sharp turning as well as tracking at the forefront of all ideas for design. With this in mind, the front of the boat has been based upon a kayak design with the idea that it sits upon the top of the water better and lifts over features that may affect speed. To aid the tracking of the canoe, rails have been added that are similar to the “Rad” kayak. These are less prominent on the “Line” and are situated in the centre of the boat. The tail of the boat is similar to previous designs as many of the athletes favour the volume behind the seating as it aids a stable spin and encourages acceleration.



Thibaud Vielliard testing the Line in Pau 


The “Line” is currently being produced from two moulds, a medium mould (up to 70kg) and a large mould (up to 80/85kg). Many paddlers have already chosen to use this boat for the 2017 season including Lukas Rohan, Vitezslav Gebas, Adam Burgess, Thibaud Vielliard and Raffy Ivaldi as well as Mallory Franklin in the C1 women category. There are further top competitors testing this model at the moment.


During the development process we produced several prototypes and we would like to especially thank Lukas Rohan and Vitezslav Gebas along with all those who came and tested the design and gave us new ideas that contributed to the final model.


Link to catalogue HERE.



Lukas Rohan Vita Gebas 

 Raffy Ivaldi