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Thursday, 26 July, 2012


Welcome to our new web page! Thank you for your patience you have shown during the web preparation. We do believe you will find many interesting and useful informations on this web and you will be happy to be back!

We are looking forward to you: Galasport team


We have prepared the description of every section on our web so it will be easier for you to start using all great functions:


Catalogue is not only the tool for products checking but you can easily order whatever product you want from this section. You can add every single product (in case you are logged in) to the shopping cart and create the order. You needn't to send email with product description any more so you are saving your time. For sure it will be way easier to manage your order now.

G team:

There are the most successful athletes using our products in this section. You can check out their profiles, photos, links and other interesting informations. Have a look who belongs to our team!


This section serves for foreigners (paddlers living out of the Czech Republic) who wants to buy our products. Find our distributor in your country and contact him or her. Or create your order on our web (in the catalogue section) and send it straight to the distributor in your country.


Check out what's new in Galasport! Don't forget to use RSS system we have prepared for you. From now you won't miss any of our news.


Are you looking for some equipment? Are you selling something you don't need anymore? Use our section "Auction". From now every paddler all around the world can see what you are selling or what you want to buy. If you will find something interesting contact the seller and make a deal. We are just providing the space on the web and you are doing the business. There is RSS system even here so you won't miss any new ad. Enjoy this great chance to buy or sell!


Useful informations for your query! We are looking forward to hear from you!

Find the perfect boat/paddle:

For those who are not sure which product they want...this great program is exactly for them! There are only few attributes you have to fill and we will recommend the best product for you.


Check out what's new in our sport. What event is coming?


...and we are preparing more wrinkles you might like!