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Vítek Přindiš ... How to become one of the best kayaker in the world?

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Tuesday, 1 July, 2014

Vítek Přindiš ... How to become one of the best kayaker in the world?

Vítek Přindiš is still little bit unknown kayaker who has started to beat all competitors this season. He is regularly capable to perform the best time of the day and he already has a silver medal from the European championship in Vienna this year. He is currently second in World Cup standings. The topic of this interview is: "How to transform yourself from a great kayaker to a top kayaker who can easily win every World Cup."


Vitek PrindisI do remember that Vavra has started the K1 men category expansion after the Olympic games in Beijing. He started to train in Australia and New Zealand during the spring time. How do you feel this? What was the initiator of K1 men category progress in the Czech republic?


You are correct. Vavra has shown that Czech kayakers were not only the unimportant members of the start list. He has shown that we were capable to make medals even on the big sport events. TOP paddlers were way better few years ago just because they started to use Penrith sooner as a training camp during the European winter. We have tried to become as good as Vavra and this fact led us to start with hard training. We started to train on the southern hemisphere during our winter as well and this may be one of the reason why there are so many good kaykers in the Czech republic right now.


Vavra was almost unbeatable in the Czech republic for a long time. Jiri Prskavec slowly started to be on the same level as him. Now you. Why now? Why it was so difficult to be as good as Vavra few years ago?


I do really enjoy paddling on the water. Nevertheless I did always believe that there must be something in your life that helps you in personal growth. It was study for me. I don't want to make any excuses but now I see that it wasn't just possible to train so hard few years ago even if I wanted. Last year was the best one for the winter training. I have changed my training group and I started with hard work. Vavra and Jiri gives 100% to the training and that's why they are so good. I am happy that I can compare myself with them and that I am allowed to take part in so many races.


You did grow up in the training group with Ivan Pisvejc. He used to be an excellent kayker. Can you compare this two training sessions?


There was a different approach in my old training group. The true is that you can learn a lot from both of them. I do really appreciate training sessions with Ivan because of the fact I could learn his superb technique that is so necessary for our sport. I did add quanity and professional approach with Vavra so I think that the combination of both is the right way.


If it's not a secret... Where is the difference between the great kayaker and excellent one?


The most important thing you have to do is start to believe that you can actually win. I missed this for a long time. I did always have some doubts that I am not good enough to compete with the best ones. Secondly it's always good when you do something more than your competitors to get an advantage somehow.


How do you see yourself? Are you more famous among kayakers now? It's not your first time in the Czech team but it's for the first time you started to beat all the best kaykers.


I see myself still equally. I do believe that other paddlers have the same point of view. I am happy for the results I have now but paddling is primarly fun and I want to keep enjoying it. 


You are always able to make the best time on the course. Are you still nervous about your run?


I really enjoy competing right now. I have a great boat that I fell in love with. I can say that I trust myself more in comparison with previous years. Of course that I must be fully focused on my run and nervousness is something that you cannot fully supress.


Do you have any ritual before start? How do you warm up?


There is no special ritual before the race. I have to have a good warm up 1,5 hour before my first run. 


What is going to change when you start winning competitions?


Nothing special has changed for me. You are not leaving home with bare hands. That's very positive :)


What about your normal day? How does it look like?


I can barely remember my last normal day. Last two month were full of scholl duties and racing but this is finally over so I will probably enjoy the inaction for couple of days before I will start with hard training again. Normal training day is divided into 3 phases - morning, afternoon, evening.


Right now I are able to perform times that the other kayakers only dream about. What do you dream about.

I cannot remember my last dream right now, sorry :)


You will participate in the World Championship this year. How will you prepare for this and what's gonna be success for you?


I will start with hard training in few days. I would like to make more good results and I would like to fight for the best World cup standing possible. There are still a lot of challenges for me this year.


Would you like to say something to your competitors?

Looking forward to see you on the race!


Thanks and good luck!

Photo: Jan Homolka