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Vávra Hradilek - World champion with 2 second penalty

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Saturday, 14 September, 2013

Vávra Hradilek - World champion with 2 second penalty

The first final day in Troja was amazing. The weather was awesome and huge stand with 5 thousand people capacity was almost full. The mood was unforgettable.

Vavra Hradilek, World Champion Prague 2013, Galasport

World champion Vavřinec Hradilek


Vavřinec Hradilek and Jiří Prskavec are definetely written into the Czech slalom history. Both of them have performed great final run and took two most valuable medals. Necessary to say that Vávra had a pretty interesting race in Troja before he became a champion. It was quite a big shock for him when he saw 50 seconds penalty in his time after the semifinal run. "On the gate 16? No way...I need to calm down little bit before I will comment this situation. But I am sure, something is probably gonna happen soon.." Vávra said. Czech team protested against this verdict and after 15 minutes the penalty was canceled. Jury sent Vávra back to the TOP 10 so he was allowed to race in the final.


In the evening Vavra did post the invitation for all fans on his facebook page. He wanted them to come and support Czech paddlers. And they have really come. The whole stand did support every Czech paddler by shouting and yelling. Jiri Prskavec (European champion) has shown that he knew Troja very well when he became a leader after his run. Everything was changed by Vávra, the only kayaker who has beaten him. In the final run Vávra touched immediately the gate number 4 so he had to perform amazing run. Nothing else was enough to think about the medal. 


Lukáš Pollert (C1 Czech legend) was watching Vávra's race very carefully and he commented this touch: "If you touch the gate on the beginning it is good. You have to make your run as fast as possible because otherwise you are not going to take a medal at all. Be sure that you are not able to win with the penalty on the last gate. That's fatal but this situation can be still fixed". And it did really happen. Amazing time was fast enough and Vávra became a champion in spite of the fact he had a 2 second penalty. Congratulation!

Jiri Prskavec 

Jiří Prskavec - silver medal K1m                           Happiness in the finish line