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Vavra Hradilek is talking about WCH in Prague

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Monday, 9 September, 2013

Vavra Hradilek is talking about WCH in Prague

Vavra Hradilek is talking about the World Championship and about the last days before this event of the season.


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How do you feel few days before the World Championship?

I have to say that I feel pretty good. I am little bit worried about the weather change. I was quite sore few days ago and I wasn't sure if it's gonna be better. Finally it looks better and better and now I am enjoying every second on the water. I am looking forward to the race and I do believe that spectators will come even if the weather won't be 100% perfect.


How was your training in the last 14 days? Have you tried to change something radically?

I felt very bad 14 days ago. I was almost thinking whether paddle or not. I had to clean my head, had a rest little bit and get the strength again. Nowadays I am paddling just once a day for one hour. The training session is focused on my speed and strength little bit. This is quite usual training session before any important event.


How did you relax before the biggest event of the season?

I have invited my best friends (people from all around the world who do I often hang out with) to Trnávka e.g. I know that monotonous training before the World Championship can be pretty exhaustive and I did wish to provide nice relax to this people in this time before the race. We were paddling alone on Trnávka course whole day long, Red Bull arranged the music and all of us have enjoyed this day so much.


How do you like that the World Championship takes place in Prague? Home course and local spectators...isn't it the reason to be nervous?

Probably this is not the right reason. Maybe the fact I took a medal in Prague last year and I did become quite famous in the Czech Republic after the Olympic Games in London could be the reason to become little bit nervous. I think that people will expect something for me and I don't want to disappoint them. I would say that I am still quite OK these days. I have definitelly less time for preparation since many people are calling me...(he's laughing during our phone interview)


What do you think? How many spectators will come to Troja?

I hope that people will make the grandstand full. 4 or 5 thousand would be great!


Do you have any strategy for the race? It's not a secret that Czech paddlers are quite fast in Troja. Maybe you won't be pushed to risk too much in the qualification.

I always want to be the fastest one. If it will be enough for the right place I will be satisfied. Maybe it won't be so advantageous to win the qualification. I mean if there was a Czech winner of the quailification it could be quite difficult for him or her to finish the semifinal race because of the spectators pushing him or her to the finish line so hard.


Is there anything you would like to say to your competitors/fans?

To competitors: Enjoy the atmosphere of the race. Especially because of the fact that there were almost "no fans" on the World Cups this year. I think that ICF will be pretty surprised how great event can we make in the Czech Republic. To fans: Don't miss this race and definitelly come to have a look.


What about your plans after the World Championship?

I would like to take part in the Sickline race on the beginning of the october. Than I plan to fly to Japan to paddle with some local young paddlers and to visit new and beautiful country. And I do have some plans with the course in the United Arab Emirates where I would like to make some nice movie. So I do have quite a lot of plans...


So good luck to you for the race!