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Tacen 2013 - World Cup #4

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Monday, 19 August, 2013

Tacen 2013 - World Cup #4

Slalom World Cup series are almost over. The 4th part took part in Slovenia - Tacen. Tacen is one of the traditional courses where the Slovenian paddlers dominate every single year. Slovenian paddlers took medals in every category this year again. Peter Kauzer won K1 men category and  Anze Bercic (boat What Else) dominated in C1 men category. Anze Bercic is a current leader in overall ranking in C1 men category thanks to this victory. Second place belongs to the silver olympic medalist Sideris Tasiadis from Germany. Anze is only 2 points ahead of Sideris so it will be very interesting to watch the final World Cup race in Bratislava next weekend. 


Vit Gebas, Tacen, Galasport Ciaran Heurteau, Tacen, Galasport


German kayakers perform such a great season this year and Tacen wasn't the exception. All three paddlers has finished in top 5 (Fabien Doerfler - 2nd; Hannes Aigner - 3th; Sebastian Schubert - 5th) and they have confirmed their positions in TOP 3 World Cup standings. German kayakers are not the only ones who dominate in K1 men category. There are 8 Sonic Boom boats in TOP 11 in this category that makes us very proud.


Results and recorded broadcast can be found here (Attention! This link is temporary only). The World Cup Standings 2013 can be found here


Dinko Mulic, Galasport Lucien Delfour, Tacen, Galasport

Hannes Aigner, Tacen, Galasport Luuka Jones, Tacen, Galasport

Mike Kurt, Tacen, Galasport


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