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Sidi interview

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Thursday, 22 August, 2013

Sidi interview

Sideris Tasiadis is our G1 paddler in C1 men category. Sidi is a silver olympic medalist from London and he is currently on the second place in World Cup overall ranking. Read more about how he is prepared for the final race in Bratislava.


Sideris Tasiadis


You are now number 2 in World Cup standings. What is your plan for the final race in Bratislava?

My plan is simple. I would like to make a final to get good points for the World Cup standings.

What do you think about the course in Bratislava? Is it good for your style of paddling?

The course in Bratislava is way different than the last time I paddled here. This time we are supposed to compete on the whole left course. We started on the right course last time (World Championship in 2011) and then we went to the left to the Niagara section. I have never paddled this left upper section so it will be big challenge for me. Anyway I like the course here because it's quite good for my style of paddling.

What about Anze Bercic? He has won the 4th race in Tacen and become a leader of World Cup ranking after this race. Is he difficult to compete with?

What about Anze Bercic? Difficult question. I have competed with him in junior times so I know him pretty well. Anze Bercic is a strong paddler and he knows how to be fast for sure. He has always a chance to be at the podium places but I will try to do my best to beat him.


Do you know what result you need to make in Bratislava to become a winner in overall ranking?

To be I dont think about what place I need for the victory in overall ranking. I will try to make my best and let's see what result's gonna be.

Are you in training process for the World Championship in Prague or did you have any special training for this two last World Cups?

I am in training process for the Worlds now and I didn't do something special for the last two world cup races. World Championship is the race I am focused on!

How did you enjoyed the race in Tacen? What was the reason you did not compete in the final race?

The race in Tacen is always difficult but very nice. The water is changing so much in there. We had only four training sessions in Tacen and this is not enough for such a difficult course. I wasn't able to get a perfect knowledge about the water and it could be one of the reasons I wasn't able to make a final. But this is not an excuse. I lost 3 or 4 seconds in the last two upstream gates and this probably caused my absence in the final.


How important would be the title in World Cup overall ranking for you in comparison with the silver olympic medal? What would be better result for you?

I am very proud of the silver medal from London. This medal means more for me but I am definitely willing to win the World Cup standing and I will do my best to achieve this. This result would be great for my sport career.