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RAVEN XL - bigger you would expected

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Monday, 27 August, 2012

RAVEN XL - bigger you would expected

Our blade "Raven" was developed especially for a really strong paddlers with the highest expectation. We were inspired by the NAJA Maxi MCQ Paddle and built a new product from it. The Raven is a product of our effort that fulfills all your demands. We have straightened the lower part of the blade so it’s more easy to control your stroke. The stroke is solid but very likable. 


There is the version XL now that provides the blade area of 779 cm2.



Raven XL Galasport


Our blade is a good competitor to the legendary Lettmann paddle. We have tried to find the best ratio of the size to the power. You will enjoy the stroke with this paddle. But will you be strong enough to finish the race?


Click HERE to see the product.