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Production of carbon fins has started!

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Friday, 21 November, 2014

Production of carbon fins has started!

     In the interest of many of the top paddlers around the world, we are motivated to develop our own model of the very anticipated novelty during the last few months – fins. The final shape of our fins is based on research and discussion with our paddlers, who have tested fins for the last few months. The most widely used system of installing (until now) is to use glue such as contact cement on the under side, or stripes of tape on the upper side of the base. The contact surface of the base is a little bit curved to allow better compatibility with the bottom of the boat.



carbon fincarbon fin



     Currently we have found approximately simillar number of supporters and opponents of this novelty. But the fact, that three of the top five K1 M paddlers in this year's World Championship in American Deep Creek used fins, we for see the expansion of this trend. In addition to the above-mentioned finalists from the World Championships, fins are currently being tested by Joe Clark, Vit Přindiš, David Ford, from category C1 Sideris Tasiadis and many others.


 fin planfins - aplication


For more info about carbon fins follow THIS link.