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PINK AND YELLOW finally in production!

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Saturday, 6 December, 2014

PINK AND YELLOW finally in production!

      After the POP and SMOOTHIE were introduced at the beginning of the season, it is our pleasure now to introduce to you a new C1 model - the PINK & YELLOW. This unique canoe is the work of 2012 silver medalist Sideris, and our house designer Filip . Work on this design started immediately after the European Championships in Vienna and took us about 5 months. Originally the idea was to start with the WHAT ELSE, but it seems like we made a completely different model.

Pink and Yellow

       One of the major changes is the radically narrowed central part of the boat. This has to be compensated by realigning the volume in the hull. We have achieved all this while still keeping great stability of the boat. Another change is the hull stern. We have straightened, similar to the Tik Tak, to improve the acceleration of the boat. The end result is a stable boat, which shows improvement in speed, turning, and special handling on waves. The PINK & YELLOW is good for up to 80/85kg.

Pink and Yellow

      The P&Y will be our flagship C1 for 2015. It has gone extensive testing and will be paddled by elite athletes such as Sideris Tasiadis, Thibaud Vielliard, and Viťa Gebas in the upcoming season. If you are interested in testing the P&Y, please contact your distributer. It is currently available in France (Reglisse), England (Cool Blue), Slovenia (ELPO), and in Prague at the Troja course.

For more info follow THIS link.