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Novelties in our catalogue !

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Monday, 4 May, 2015

Novelties in our catalogue !

New products for the 2015 season are ready for you!


Meg L MCQ!

After the success of the new Meg blades earlier this year we have now made this model available in the MCQ version. At the current time it is only available in size L. For more information follow please THIS link.



3M Midi MCQ

Since spring of 2015 is available a smaller version of the popular 3M Maxi MCQ. More info HERE.


3M Midi MCQ

Car roof rack protector

This car roof rack protector is made of foam with thickness of 1cm and it is protected by a resistant fabric casing. You can now ensure that your boat travels in comfort. For more information follow THIS link.


car roof rack protector

White line, Black line, CAG

New combos are available in black/white (long sleeves) and white/black (short sleeves). Available for C1, K1 and just like a Cag. Made by Czech company Noname.


K1Black line                   K1 White line            C1 Black line                Cag Black line

k1_blackline  k1_blackline c1_blacklinecag_blackline




G - Shield sportovní trika     

Underlayers made from an elastic material are now available that are perfect for paddling on hot days. These are suitable for use under a combo or just with a deck. For more information follow please these links:


G - Shield Blue/green (M)  G - Shield Dragonfly (W)  G - Shield Dark/Light (M)   G - Shield Flower (W)     

blue/green        dragonfly       dark/light      flower  



K1 G - Light combo LILA

A new color is now available for our popular G-Light combo. The LILA is limited edition only available in size S at the moment.


K1 G - Light LILA

G - Light LILA