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New swimming pool in Sušice - training site for local paddlers

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Thursday, 11 April, 2013

New swimming pool in Sušice - training site for local paddlers

European paddlers know it very well. There is no place for paddling around us when the winter is coming. The period of other activities is starting. For sure there are a lot of possibilities how to paddle during the winter. Most of the time you are supposed to take the plane and go through the long flight to the southern hemisphere. But what you should make if there is no time, no money or no will to make this journey? There is one interesting solution that will be available in the small town of Sušice. This project is the rarity. There are not many swimming pools in Europe or all around the World that would have such a system of artificial current used for paddlers.


The leaders of the Sušice town have decided to support the project of new swimming hall in the heart of the town. This facility should offer new activities that have not been available yet. There were few passionate paddlers who did lobby for the artificial current based in the pool during this project creation. And they were successful. This hall is now supposed to become a winter base for local paddlers. This swimming pool should serve for higher purposes thanks to the current now. There should be a lot of possibilities how to use the swimming pool and not only the eskymo roll learning. This artificial current should be able to simulate the real current and slalom course conditions in the indoor hall. That's pretty awesome.


There is a system functionality shown on the picture. The two jets situated almost in the middle of the pool are producing the pressure that makes the water move. Intake valve (situated just side by the jets) is sucking the water and is finishing the water rotation. The pool bottom is equipped by anchor system that allows to fix the obstacles that create the desired conditions. The project includes the slalom gates instalation. This gates will be movable all around the pool according to the visitor's will.


It looks as an interesting alternative for winter training, doesn't it? We are aware that this option is not adequate substitution for the real paddling on the real river or slalom course. Anyway this project is something completly new for the Czech paddlers ( and even for the European ones) and we do believe that this swimming pool will become an inspiration for other project architects. Maybe they could slowly start to thing about our needs - about the needs of the paddlers.


The opening is planned for autumn 2013. For sure you are welcome to come and try this rarity if you will have a journey to the Czech Republic.



More pictures:
Picture.1 - Place for the boat transport from basement to the pool
Picture.2 - Jets and intake valves (basement)
Picture.3 - Jets and intake valves (pool)
Picture.4 - Whole swimming pool