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New Sonic testing

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Friday, 12 October, 2012

New Sonic testing

Maybe you have red on our Facebook profile that we have been preparing a new kayak for the season 2013. We have decided that even such a great boat as the Sonic is can be still better. We wanted to design a boat that would suit again to almost every paddler doesn't matter if proffesional or beginner. We wanted to make the boat faster and still easier to turn.


Boris Neveu has come with an idea of a new Sonic and all changes he wanted to make were discussed with David Ford who designed the Sonic two years ago. The prototype was tested in Pau (France) last 3 weeks by Boris and other great paddlers. Vávra Hradilek, our G1 member, was testing this boat in Trnávka (Czech artificial course). Both Boris and Vavra were very excited about the new boat and that´s really great when you consider the fact that Vávra is still paddling 3 years old boat the Echo of the Toro. Two days ago Boris arrived to Prague to test this boat on the course of upcoming World Championship. He was very happy with all changes we have made on the Sonic and he has agreed unformally on the final shape of the boat.


As the new Sonic is supposed to be an universal boat we have had to test the lady version as well. The tested version is designed for 62kg. You can check out short demonstration of the testing.



We are still looking the right name for the new boat so we will be happy if you share your ideas with us. To share your ideas could please visit our facebook profile and post your idea in there. More informations and photos coming soon.