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New RAD machine!

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Friday, 11 December, 2015

New RAD machine!

We are proud to announce the release of our latest kayak model for the upcoming Olympic season. The RAD! has been developed over the past 5 months by Vavra Hradilek and Vit Prindis with the primary aim to improve the popular Sonic Boom kayak.


The main strength of the Sonic Boom was its speed, which was due to the hull shape, so this has been kept the same. However, the recent success of the TIk-Tak model can’t be ignored, with the main feature being the flatness of the tail, which increases the speed of rotation for the kayak. With the combination of these features it has meant that the shape of the boom has been kept but with a flatter tail improving turning but not losing its forward speed.




The next step of development took us back 15 years. From looking at Pyrog’s old hull shape we had a new idea that would change the popular but also problematic feature of fins. We have moulded rails into the hull of the boat, which work on the same principle as fins, keeping the boat on track and optimising the speed carried through upstream gates.



So far we have two moulds for the RAD! and it is currently available in the weight range of 65 - 85kg. We are working with Emilie Fer and Alex Grimm on modifications to suit paddlers up to 65kg and 100kg. During 2016 the RAD! will only be available in the constructions Carbolight and Profi.


Check out this video showing the RAD! in action, edited by Ciaran Heurteau.



More details about RAD you can check HERE.