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New paddle and blade for C1/C2 category

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Tuesday, 14 January, 2014

New paddle and blade for C1/C2 category

We are happy to announce our first novelties in 2014. Check out our new paddle and blade for C1/C2 category. When preparing new C1 paddle we have cooperated with the Olympic medalist Sideris Tasiadis. All adjustments were made due to a new trend to make C1 paddle shorter. 3M XXL is the second novelty for this category. 3M XXL is C1 blade that will primarily suit stronger paddlers.


Sidi mcq paddle

SIDI MCQ paddle is a successor to PHIL MCQ. New blade is longer and wider in it's lower section. This adjustment was made due to a new trend to make C1 paddle shorter and due to paddler's will to have bigger blade. There is an extreme 8mm off-center in relation to axis of shaft on this paddle (the same as Phil paddle). Thanks to the new construction that was used for the Phil and Sidi paddle we achieved better strength and firmness of the blade. There is a new shape of both sides of the blade that helps with an aerodynamics and smooth feeling throughout the Draw stroke. Shaft has no ovality. For product's details click HERE


3M XXL C1 blade 3M XXL C1 blade

3M XXL ELITE is a blade that found the inspiration in our blade 3M MAXI. This blade is 2 cm longer in comparison with classic 3M MAXI blade. Universal and very famous canoe blade designed by Michal Martikan years ago (Gold medallist in Atlanta 96, world champion in Brazil 98, silver OG Sydney and Athens, gold in Beijing 2008). Its smaller rib offers a perfect stroke and lowers the water resistance on the blade during a Dufek stroke. This blade is very stable in the water and doesn’t go under the boat when paddling on cross – stroke. The XXL version is suitable for strong paddlers in C1 & C2 & raft category. For product's details click HERE.