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New K1 blade the MEG

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Wednesday, 23 April, 2014

New K1 blade the MEG

There is a new K1 blade in our portfolio now available. We have come to a conclusion that our blades NAJA and RAVEN are focused mainly on paddlers who prefer blade's shape which offset the blade 8mm from the centerline of the shaft. And that's not what we want. We would like to provide the best paddles possible to as many paddlers as possible. That's the fact why we decided to develop a new K1 blade of classic construction. To be honest we did rely on our old modeles CONTACT and LAKI last few years and we did not pay enough attention to the K1 blades with classic construction.


jure meglič, galasport

We are aware that there are a lot of paddlers who still prefer softer stroke that the classic construction allows so we started to think about the way how to improve our blades LAKI. If we had this kind of blade we could offer a great K1 paddle to almost every single paddler according to his or her preferences.


We did take the blade LAKI and send it to Slovenia where the best kayakers started with changes. Jure Meglič came with the main idea considering blade's shape. Based on our Laki blade, the MEG is shorter, wider, and more rounded, producing a very stable pull through the water. This paddle is also noticeably lighter than previous blades. This blade comes in two sizes. The smaller version incorporates size-specific changes from Vid Karner and is an excellent blade for junior or women’s paddlers.


New construction of the blade allows us lighter blades of the same durability that appreciates most of the K1 paddlers.


For more informations considering our new blade MEG click HERE.








New K1 blade's pictures

meg, kayak carbon blade, galasport meg, kayak carbon blade, galasport

meg, kayak carbon blade, galasportmeg, kayak carbon blade, galasport