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New for the European Championship in Krakow 2013

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Thursday, 23 May, 2013

New for the European Championship in Krakow 2013

The trials are over and paddlers who made a team are already focused on the season. The slalom season starts with the European Championship in Krakow and Galasport will be there. The free boat repair service and boat or paddle testing became a standard that you will be allowed to use in Krakow as well.


When we mentioned the boat testing we would like to provide more information about what we have prepared for you. We will introduce new K1 boat - the INTENSO.

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The newly designed ‘Intenso’ is a revolutionary slalom kayak from Galasport with design cooperation from Diego Paolini. The goal of the ‘Intenso’ is to create a kayak that would fill the need for people who are not satisfied with our current models. A new model line has been developed to be separate and different from the ‘Sonic’ or ‘Sonic Boom’. The bow of the boat is much wider, up to 4cm, which has allowed the bow to be rounder without the loss of stability. The deck has been lowered and flattened in comparison to previous models. But the boat still has the well-tested lines on the stern to keep pivoting simple and quick. This boat is suitable for any paddler, from beginners to experts alike, between 55kg and 75kg in weight.


New C2 boat the WANTED will be the second boat presented during the European Championship by Galasport. This boat was a significant gap in Galasport's portfolio. We have made a couple of radical changes from our previous models. The cockpit and seating can be an example that provides better boat's quality by changing the focal point of the crew. We have developed an all-purpose boat that will suit a wide range of paddlers.


There are few pictures of the C2 model.


You will be allowed to test these two models not only in Krakow but during the whole season of course. Anyway we are looking forward to meet you in Krakow.