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NAJA PRO MCQ - Top paddle for girls

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Wednesday, 13 March, 2013

NAJA PRO MCQ - Top paddle for girls

Great news for all women and junior paddlers. Your prayer has been listened. We have developed new paddle that is going to fulfill all your demands. Paddle is available in elite MCQ version only. 

Naja pro kayak paddle


Our new NAJA PRO slalom paddle is designed specially for women and junior category. The blade's shape is inspired by the Naja Midi and it incorporates an extreme off-centre in relation to axis of shaft (8mm). That and the profile of the NAJA PRO blade are giving fantastic properties to the paddle stroke. This blade is more rounded and is shorter in comparison with Naja midi. That provides exact soft sroke required. The shaft's external diameter is 28mm that suits to lightly-built paddlers.


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