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The most difficult Junior and U23 European Championship ever

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Tuesday, 6 August, 2013

The most difficult Junior and U23 European Championship ever

Bourg Saint Maurice is certainly one of the most difficult slalom courses on the world. Junior and U23 European Championship took place here this weekend. The organizers have decided to set up the course for qualification and C1 women final in the lower section of the river (the easier one) but all semifinal and final runs took place in the upper part. There were many mistakes made by many paddlers but on the other hand a lot of paddlers have shown their skills and have performed mint runs. This course is very difficult for top senior athletes so this race was definitely one of the biggest experience for this young paddlers in their sport's career.

 Bourg st.Maurice, slalom course Galasport stand Bourg st. Maurice


The K1 women race was the real lottery. The upper course was the real test for all girls and only three of them were able to make the course without the 50 second penalty - Lisa Leitner, Karolina Galušková and Julia Cuchi (all of them Galasport boats). K1 men race was more competitive. Juniors were able to reach similar times as paddlers in U23 category. Vid Karner (Slovenia) got the bronze medal for Galasport in this category. The C1 men race was very competitive as well. French paddler Cedric Joly (Gteam) has dominated in this category. Lukáš Rohan (Czech Republic) finished second and Florian Breuer (Gteam) finished third. The C1 women race was hold in the lower section and there were no 50 second penalties in this race in comparison with K1 women category final. Third place for Galasport by Jana Matulková from the Czech Republic.



U23 category:

The course in Bourg Saint Maurice has shown its difficulty to many U23 paddlers. Kateřina Kudějová was one of the biggest favorite for one of the medals in K1 women category. Unfortunately she missed one of the gates and she wasn't allowed to take part in the final race. Croatian paddler Matija Marinic (the What else boat) was one of the biggest suprises in C1 men race. He has won the C1 final race after the 18th place on the World Championship in Slovakia 14 days ago. The K1 men category was won by the Slovak talent Martin Halčin. Joe Clark (the Sonic Boom) has finished second thanks to one touch in spite of the fact that he had the fastest time at all. Two Galasport paddlers have finished on the medal position in C1 women category. Nuria Vilarrubla (Spain, Gteam) took silver medal and Monika Jančová (Czech Republic) took bronze medal.

Joe Clark, Bourg st. Maurice Monika Jancova Bourg st. Maurice


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