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More paddlers in Gteam

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Thursday, 24 January, 2013

More paddlers in Gteam

There were many successful paddlers asking us to support them since we have presented our new kayak Sonic Boom. Thanks to this fact we have decided to enlarge our Gteam. These athletes have convinced us to support them in their career. 

Maria Ferekidou, galasport

Maria Ferekidou - Greek kayaker and Olympian who is living and training in France nowadays.

Luca Colzaginari, gteam, galasport

Luca Colazingari belongs to the young generation of Italian kayakers. We do believe he will reach such a great success as an Olympic winner Daniele Molmenti in he future. 

Robin Vasey, gteam, galasport

Robin Vasey - British kayaker who could be together with Joe Clark new icon of British paddling as Campbell Walsh used to be.


We wish all the best to all new G team members in the season 2013!