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Michal Smolen US G1 member

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Monday, 13 May, 2013

Michal Smolen US G1 member

Scott Parsons used to be our G1 team member paddling for US K1 men team. Unfortunately he has decided to retired and give the chance to the younger ones. There was no G1 paddler in North America since Scott has finished his professional career. So we have decided to support this young star - Michal Smolen. Read more about this guy in this article.


My paddling career has only started a couple years ago. When I was ten years old, I moved to the United States from Poland. Shortly after I moved, I really started to focus on kayaking. When I was younger, however, I was afraid of whitewater and really didn’t want to paddle. It took me a couple years to get accustomed to moving water until I was finally able to start serious training and competition.


My dad, Rafal Smolen, has been my coach from the very beginning. In the last couple of years, I have made big improvements in my paddling. I have had some top results in recent international races, Junior World Championships [4th in Foix, FRA 2010] and U23 World Championships [4th in Wausau, USA 2012].


Apart from this, I have been on the USA Senior National Team for the last two years and was the US National Champion in 2012. I also had a good opportunity to make the USA Olympic Team for London but I was not yet a US citizen. My focus now is the 2013 World Championships in Prague and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. I am very happy to be paddling Sonic Boom, and I hope to someday represent Galasport at the Olympics.


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