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Medals from Brazil!

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Wednesday, 29 April, 2015

Medals from Brazil!

    The 2015 ICF Canoe Slalom Junior/ U23 World Championship is now over, it was held on the river Paraná near the Brazilian town of Foz do Iguacu. This was a great opportunity for some of the best young paddlers to compete for medals on the world stage. 


     This Worlds highlighted some great paddling and many fantastic results. We are really astonished how many paddlers were representing our company. Half of all the finalists and half of the medallists were using boats produced by us. That´s amazing!!!


     There was one really amazing story of a hero! Sebas Rossi demonstrated to all participants and spectators an incredible show and an exemplary attitude towards sport, given that he had no chance for a good result!


 Sebas Rossi      K1m - Kubo Grigar, Malo Quemeneur, Thomas Strauss


     We look forward to seeing you at the races this summer.We would like to thank everyone for their trust and patience with the long delivery times. We have already started a project of increasing our production capacity in the order to shorten the lead times for boats. We hope that this will solve the problems we have experienced and lead to greater satisfaction in the future.


Yours sincerely, 

The Galasport Team 



Final C1M U23 Final C1M junior
1. Burgess Adam (GBR)  1. Mirgorodsky Marko (SVK)
2. Ceccon Paolo (ITA)  2. Sztuba Kacper (POL)
3. Da Silva Felipe (BRA)  3. Chaloupka Václav (CZE)
Final C1W U23  Final C1W junior
1. Villarubla Nuria (ESP)        1. Herzog Andrea (GER)
2. Franklin Mallory (GBR) 2. Prioux Lucie (FRA)
3. Woods Kimberley (GBR) 3. Eckhardt Kate (AUS)
Final K1M U23  Final K1M Junior
1. Prskavec Jiri (CZE) 1. Grigar Jakub (SVK)
2. Llorente David (ESP) 2. Quemeneur Malo (FRA)
3. Malek Andrej (SVK) 3. Strauss Thomas (GER)
Final K1W U23  Final K1W Junior
1. Fox Jessica (AUS) 1. Hassova Michaela (SVK)
2. Satila Ana (BRA) 2. Apel Elena (GER)
3. Leitner Lisa (AUT) 3. Prigent Camille (FRA)
Final C2M U23 Final C2M Junior
1. Wiercioch/Majerczak (POL) 1. Graille/Roisin (FRA)
2. Skakala/Gewisler (SVK)  2. Matejka/Vetrovsky (CZE)
3. Correa/Oliveira (BRA) 3. Hecht/Weber (GER)

*) In bold and orange highlated paddlers use Galasport boats

For official results follow THIS link, please (not available for Google Chrome).