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Manic MCQ - review by Isaac Levinson

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Wednesday, 4 June, 2014

Manic MCQ - review by Isaac Levinson

We are trying  to make the best products possible that would make just a great experience from your paddling. Your satisfaction is the best reward for us. Check out what Isaac Levinson has written about our ww paddle - MANIC


The Manic MCQ is by far the best paddle on the market if you are looking for something that is light yet strong enough to use every day on demanding whitewater. The composite quality of Galasport products is unmatched in the paddle sports industry. I like the Manic MCQ for many reasons but one that sticks out is they are assembled only in the middle of the shaft and not at the blades therefore maximizing the stiffness and minimizing the weight yet also gives them a sleek and clean look. 

Although the Manic is easy on the eye that’s not the most important part of this paddle, the blades are really what make this paddle stand out. They are perfect for aggressive and precise paddling because the unique shape that makes for easy and quick correction strokes without forcing you to go to a backstroke or rudder. The first thing you will notice when using the Manic is the "catch" (when you reach forward to grab the water for a forward stroke) is much cleaner and more fluid than other paddles. A lot of time has been put into designing this blade for the most efficient stroke so your not wasting energy. Because this paddle is so light its nice for long days on the river or even flat-water paddling on a lake or surfing in the ocean. The shaft is an oval shape, which feels really nice, and keeps you aware your blade offset at all times. I cant say enough good things about this paddle, once you switch to Galasport its hard to find anything else that feels as good.

isaac levinson

Isaac Levinson