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LIAM JEGOU - new C1 Gteam member

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Wednesday, 5 June, 2013

LIAM JEGOU - new C1 Gteam member

Liam Jegou, half French half Irish C1 paddler has joined our Gteam. 4th place on the junior World Championship is the TOP result in his career. Read more about him. Read more about how he became a white water paddler!


Liam jegou, gteam, galasport

The first time I paddled was in Galway Bay with my father. Back then I was only four, but I already loved sports. During the week I played Gaelic football and on sunny weekends I would go out paddling with my father in Galway bay, Ireland. When I was seven years old, my dad got a job at a canoeing slalom club on the east side of France. We moved to Huningue, a small city with a beautiful artificial course. At first I wasn't a big fan of white water.  I just loved paddling as fast as I could between the gates.  Later on I started paddling on the course. I didn't mind big waves, it was fun to bounce around being such a light weight. Then things got serious. The first time I thought about paddling at a high level was in 2003 at the world cup in Augsburg. Watching Tony Estanguet and Michal Martikan really got my motivation going.


Being of both French and Irish nationality, I have the possibility of running for either country. Yet my Irish roots are so strong that in 2010 I decided to paddle for Ireland at the teencups. I started my international career in a C1 Makao from Galasport. Winning my first international races in Solkan and Tacen that year was awesome.  It really made me want to improve my level, to go faster, to be better. Liam jegou, gteam, galasport

The year thereafter, my uncle and I flew to Dublin for my first team selections. All went well. I made the team, met the Irish squad, made new friends, talked about C2-crew possibilities with Cade Ryan. I raced at the Junior European Championships in Bosnia and toured around Europe for the Teen Cup races.


2012 was quite a year. I participated in my first senior races; European Championships in Augsburg, World Cup in Prague and best of all, I traveled to the USA for the Junior World Championships where I placed 4th. I hope to paddle and travel for as long as I can. My main objective will be to qualify for the Olympic games in 2016. So far Tony Estanguet's boats have accompanied me in my travels. His latest and last design, the What Else ? just may be the ultimate boat.


See his profile HERE.