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K1 men – Olympic final race

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Wednesday, 1 August, 2012

K1 men – Olympic final race

The Olympic K1 men final was just spectacular. The best kayakers performed great runs so the visitors could admire them. And especially due to this fact it was so amazing watching the success of Vavra Hradilek and Hannes Aigner (both paddling Galasport boats).

Vavra and Hannes both have touched one gate during their semifinal run so they could improve their runs in the final. Vavra (paddling our elder model the Echo of the Toro) was the first kayaker with the time under 95seconds. He could be really proud of this run and he has shown his emotions when crossing the finish line. Hannes Aigner (paddling the Sonic) was only 0,14s slower so Vavra could still dream of the gold. Only Daniele Molmenti was able to perform faster run and beat Vavra by 1,35s.


Vavřinec Hradilek:

"Everyone told me in the finish line that this time will be the gold one. But I had a feeling someone is gonna beat me." 


Final results:


1 Daniele Molmenti Italy 93.43
2 Vavřinec Hradilek Czech Republic 94.78
3 Hannes Aigner Germany 94.92
4 Mateusz Polaczyk Poland 96.14
5 Samuel Hernanz Spain 96.95
6 Peter Kauzer Slovenia 101.01
7 Etienne Daille France 101.87
8 Helmut Oblinger Austria 104.28
9 Kazuki Jazawa Japan 104.44
10 Benjamin Kudjow Thomas Togo 154.23


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