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Junior and U23 World Championship

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Monday, 16 July, 2012

Junior and U23 World Championship

Junior and U23 World Championship took place in Wausau this year. It would be very difficult to describe all great results of the G paddlers. We do congratulate to all of them. We would like to point to the result of German C2 crew Behling Robert and Becker Thomas who won the category under 23 on the very old model we are not producing any more. For all result please click HERE


We have prepared few questions to Sebastian Rossi (4-th place in C1M U23 category) and Karolina Galušková (2-nd place in Junior K1W category).


Karolína Galušková

What did you expect from Wausau?

 I wanted to win a medal...dreamt about the gold one. But when I saw the course where I found few difficult parts I wanted any medal regardless of the color.   :-)


Did you enjoy the race?

We are good friends in our junior team and I got a lot of support from all members. It was really nice.


You have been already beaten by Jessica Fox two years ago in Foix. How is it now?

I have had 2 touches 2 years ago and this caused the 2-nd place. This time my run has been clean but I have done 2 mistakes. It would be more suspenseful without them. The silver medal is great but I wasn't very lucky from my mistakes.


Another important races during this season?

I am looking forward to the Junior European Championship in Solkan. I like this course on a nature water. I don't think about the results now but another medal would be great.


Sebastian Rossi

Have you specially prepared for this race?

I was training very hard to succeed here in Wausau. But then I got great news on the World Cup in Seu d'Urquell. I was allowed to take part in the Olympics in London. That was a piece of great news and I started to prepare for this race. But I don't want to apologize my 4th place. I do believe I was prepared well in here. 4th place is a  good result and I will be speaking highly of this World Championship.

How did you like the race ?

The weather was awesome,the water warm and the organization great. The course wasn't very difficult but there were few places where you could make a mistake. The lower section was flat and hard to paddle, especially on C1. But I like the course.


What is your goal for the Olympics?

Everyone will be well prepared for this race. I would wish the final. I know it will be difficult. I am excited to be part of such great event!


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