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Galasport T-shirts for the season 2013

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Tuesday, 14 May, 2013

Galasport T-shirts for the season 2013

Due to the huge interest in our colorful T-shirts last season we have decided to make a new collection for the season 2013. You can buy this T-shirts on some races or via our web page. You can express that you like Galasport or you can just buy a T-shirt when there is no clean left...The collection consists of 4 T-shirts for men and 4 T-shirts for women how you can see on the picture bellow.


There is the same design as we used last year on few of them and there is a new design on the rest ones. We do believe you will like both of them and everyone will be able to choose his or her favorite combination. T-shirts are available while stocks last if we won't be pushed to change our mind. T- shirts will be available on World Cups and European and World Championship.


If you want to find T-shirts on our web just go to the catalogue section/Slalom/Other/Clothes. 


T-shirt galasport