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Galasport origami wish boat

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Saturday, 28 December, 2013

Galasport origami wish boat

New Year’s coming and this special day brings many wishes and resolutions. Your goal for the season 2014 wouldn't be real goal if it wasn't visible. Create our Galasport boat that would become a symbol of your New Year's resolution.

Galasport origami boat


Download our origami boat stencil in .PDF format (5,9MB) and print it out. There are 3 pages in this document. The first one ("front page") is the most important that you have to always print out. Use scissors to cut the stencil out of the paper.


Second page will bear your goal or resolution for the season 2014. There is a mark area that you can use for your goal. Both pages must be printed on one sheet! If you don't own a printer that can print reciprocally you needn't to print the second page at all. Just write your goal from the back site of printed front page to the area that's shown on the second page of our PDF document.


There are instructions how to create a boat on the third page.


Přejeme vám tímto mnoho splněných cílů v roce 2014 a zároveň doufáme, že se s námi rádi podělíte o fotografie vašich lodiček na našem Facebookovém profilu. We wish you many goals and wishes that will come true. We do hope that you will share pictures of your wish boats on our Facebook profile.


Boat stencil for download HERE (5,9MB).


Manual how to create the boat HERE (2MB), or use the picture bellow.

Galasport origami boat