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Friday, 31 May, 2013


Energy is needed for every single activity to be done. Sport is one of this activity for sure. It takes a huge amount of sportsmen's energy. We can say that we are aware of this fact and we have decided to help to our paddlers little bit. Our solution is not a radical one that would completly solved the energy loss. We know that! But we do hope you will appreciate our effort to give you piece of your energy back. As a matter of fact we have to try to give you your energy back when we are pushing you to use our products that cause the energy loss.


galasport energy drink

Whenever you will see us with our fridge come to us. You can choose either our energy drink or limonade. Both drinks are harmless and they don't contain any prohibited substance that would be on ICF list. Both drinks are fit for daily comsumption.


The European Championship in Krakow will be the very first race where we will present our drinks. Come to see us and try one of our drinks to get your energy back. 


Our fridge!

 Galasport energy drink