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European Championship Vienna 2014

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Tuesday, 3 June, 2014

European Championship Vienna 2014

European Championship in Vienna was the first big race of this season. This new course examined the quality of the best European paddlers. Noone had an advantage, noone knew the course better than the others. This fact could be one of the reason why the race had been so spectacular. It's true that this compound belongs to the smaller places built for our sport but the difficulty of the water is more than sufficient. Wider and richer background was probably the only one thing that the spectators missed.


C1 women race was the biggest Galasport's success of this championship. All three medalists (Caroline Loir, Julia Schmid a Kateřina Hošková) are using our boat. Girls thank you for this great performance! Kateřina Hošková was probably the only one medalist who had been sad in the finish. One of the girls has run Kateřina's boat through with her boat (see the photo bellow) when celebrating in the water.

caroline loir, katerina hoskova, julia schmid katerina hoskova

Alexander Grimm (Olympic medalist) has shown a great comeback. This guy was out of the German team for two years and it seems he's back now. Nice success and we do hope that this will put Alex back among the best world kayakers. We have our fingers crossed Alex! However Alex was not the only one kayaker who pleased us. This guy's national trails were very difficult since there was the only one place left in the Czech K1 men team. He made it and now he finished second behind Jiri Prskavec who was capable to defend his European title successfully. Congratulation Vitek! Vitek did say that the semifinal had already been a big victory for him. Position in TOP 10 means flight ticket to the USA for him. Silver medal in the final run made him just happier.

 vitek prindis, vavrinec hradilek


K1 women's race was very spectacular. Unfortunatelly we don't have an European champion in our team but second place (Melanie Pfeifer) and third place (Emilie Fer) is awesome as well. Great performace was shown by Kateřina Kudějová who finished sixth. She lost her victory due to the penalty when touching one of the gates.



Be aware that another big event is coming. First World Cup will take place in London this weekend. This will be a great race on the Olympic course. There is a short invitation made by British oraganizers. Our team is looking forward to see you in Tacen (2nd World Cup).