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European Championship in Krakow 2013

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Monday, 10 June, 2013

European Championship in Krakow 2013

The organizers in Poland were almost pushed to cancel the European championship due to flooding. There was a flood on the Visla river that caused the water level rise on the artificial course in Krakow. The organizers were discussing both about race cancellation and about reserve plan how to safe the race. The rain finally stopped and the race was supposed to be done in 2 days. The qualification race was canceled at all and all the competitors were fighting for the final race in their first run - the only solution how to make European championship in two days.


Mike KurtThere were 3 categories on Saturday's race - C1 men, K1 men and C1 women. The course was quite short but very hard to paddle. The competitors made quite a lot of mistakes in all categories. The course was quite difficult but the changing water has caused many mistakes as well. Our G1 paddler Sideris Tasiadis won silver medal in C1 men category with the fastest time and one touch on the gate. Pitty! Spanish paddler Jon Erguin has finished on very unpopular 4th place. Both paddling the What else.


There were 8 Sonic Boom boats in K1 men final race. Great success of Galasport's boats! Kayakers were risking a lot to make the best time possible so the spectators could see everything from great runs to many penalties. Mike Kurt (SUI) paddling the Sonic Boom has reached silver medal and Sebastian Schubert got bronze. Both were really happy to make such a good result on this big event.Mathie Doby, Galasport


Galasport had a great medal's success in C1 women category. All 3 medals were taken by 3 Galasport paddlers. Caroline Loir from France took gold, Julia Schmid (Austria) took silver and Nuria Vilarrubla from Spain took bronze. All competitors were paddling the Carioca, our C1 boat designed for women. The course was very tricky for this category but it's important to say that these girls have made big progress in their paddling techinque since C1 women's category invention.


We got only 1 medal on Sunday's race. Stefanie Horn paddling our Sonic Boom was second in K1 women category. Claudia Baer got unfortunately 50 seconds penalty (couple minutes after the official race end) that pushed her away the 3rd place. There was unfortunately no C2 boat in the final race but we offered at least our new C2 model (the Wanted) for testing. We do hope that all changes we have made on this new C2 boat will be positively accepted by many C2 crews in the future.


The Wanted was not the only boat available for testing in Krakow. We have brought there our new kayak the Intenso or paddle Naja Pro

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