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Calendar 2013 to be downloaded

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Wednesday, 2 January, 2013

Calendar 2013 to be downloaded

New year is here and that's the reason why we have prepared our own Galasport calendar for you. We truly believe that it will help you when making a plans for the year 2013. Because we are not able to distribute our calendar to every paddler who is using our product, we have prepared this PDF file for download. You can print your own calendar at home or at the nearest graphic studio. We would recommend format A2 but even smaller format is perfect for use!


The whole calendar is inspired only by you, by all paddlers that are using our products every single day. We hope that nothing will change in the year 2013 and you will be exploring many nice places for paddling just thanks to us. We have added some important paddling events to our calendar so you should know what's going to happen in time. We believe that you will like this calendar for more than one reason! 


Have a great year 2013

Team Galasport


Calendar can be downloaded by clicking on the picture or the link bellow: calendar.pdf (30.8MB)

Galasport calendar 2013