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C1 TURBO SEAT - sit as a king!

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Sunday, 15 December, 2013

C1 TURBO SEAT - sit as a king!

C1 TRUBO SEAT is a fully carbon seat for C1 paddlers. We are aware of the competitor's need to have his or her boat as light as possible and we are aware that there was no similar product for C1 paddlers in our portfolio. We would like our C1 paddlers to spend less time during new boat preparation. Since today it has been a time consuming activity that was also very laborious. Now you can put our new C1 TURBO SEAT into your boat within few minutes and the boat is ready to be used. You can combine this product with our other products: C1 TURBO KNEELING BOX and C1 TURBO HIP PAD. Don't waste your time with boat preparation and use our clever solution.

Turbo seat, galasport Turbo seat, galasport

Turbo seat "bent version"                                     Turbo seat "straight version"


How you can see on the pictures above there are two versions of your Turbo seat (straight one and bent one). Choose the right one for you so you will feel as comfortable as possible. We are of course aware that C1 seating is not only about a seat so don't be afraid we have forgotten about your knees. C1 TURBO KNEELING BOX is a carbon construction that fixs your knee in the right position during paddling. This is a race option in comparison with the classic PU foam block used by a lot of paddlers all around the world. We did think about the whole boat weight and competitor's comfort when inventing this product. Choose the right race tool for yourself.


The last but not the least - competitor's hips! C1 TURBO HIP PAD is an another product that can be used with our C1 TURBO SEAT. This carbon construction can be used for PU foam placing so the paddler is fix in the seat for maximum boat control.


What do you think about this? Do you wish to sit as a king?


C1 turbo kneeling box, galasport C1 turbo hip pad, galasport

C1 Turbo kneeling box                                               C1 Turbo hip pad