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Wednesday, 15 August, 2012


We have prepared this boat in cooperation with Tony Estanguet long time prior to the Olympic Games in London 2012. Tony asked us to prepare such a brilliant boat that would persuade other paddlers of its quality so there is no need to look for anything else. What else than the What else!


According to the results in the season 2012 we can declare on the quality of our Olympic boat the What else. You can read about the success of this boat during the European Championship in Augsburg HERE


European Championship in Augsburg was a great result for this canoe but the biggest success was still about to come. On the Olympic Games in London 2012 Tony Estanguet has become a legend when winning his third title of Olympic champion on this boat. Only brothers Hochschorner were able to make 3 gold Olympic medals prior to Tony. Sideris Tasiadis (detail of this sportsman here) got the silver Olympic medal. Even this paddler has replaced his old boat TT for the What Else just before the season.


If you want to see the detail of the boat What Else click HERE.


Photos from the Olympic race C1 men:


Video: Final run of Tony Estanguet