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Augsburg 2013: World Cup #2

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Monday, 1 July, 2013

Augsburg 2013: World Cup #2

Second World cup in slalom took place on the traditional course in Augsburg this weekend. The weather was not really stable during the whole weekend and caused the lack of spectators especially on Saturday. Galasport team has been in Augsburg since wednesday so the paddlers could try our new boats for the season 2013 and they could let us to fix their boats in our boat service stand. The K1 women and C2 men finale race was great especially thanks to the big spectator's support and good weather. 


Galasport stand, AugsburgThere were good results expected from the German team especially thanks to the great performance they have shown in Cardiff. Sideris Tasiadis (C1 silver medalist from London) has won the very first medal both for Germany and Galasport (paddling the What Else). He has finished third less than 2 seconds behind two Slovak paddlers - Beňuš and Slavkovský. Augsburg was a very good race for German kayakers. All of them (4) took part in the final race! Paul Boeckelman (the Sonic) was the fastest one. Sebastian Schubert (the Sonic Boom) finsihed second (the same result as in Cardiff) and he's leading the overall ranking in K1 men category.


Karolina Galuskova, Galasport, gteam

The olympic winner Emilie Fer has dominated in K1 women category on Sunday when beating all German girls who are pretty fast on this course. Claudia Baer (the Sonic Boom) wasn't able to repeat the first place from semifinal race and finished her race in the last stoper under the bridge. Karolína Galušková (the Sonic) has finished on the sixth place in her second World Cup ever and celebrated her first TOP 10 result.



Paul Boeckelman, Galasport Mike Kurt, Galasport

Vavra Hradilek, Galasport Emilie Fer, Galasport

Kevin and Kai Müller, Galasport

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There are interviews with Sideris Tasiadis, Melanie Pfeifer, Emilie Fer and Claudia Baer bellow. Check out what did they say when finished the race.