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Andrea Romeo - silver in Tacen

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Tuesday, 17 June, 2014

Andrea Romeo - silver in Tacen

Second World Cup is over. It took place in Slovenia. Tacen belongs to one of the most traditional slalom courses. It's a very difficult race with always unpredictable results. Andrea Rome is our G team paddler who made a result of his career when he finished second in K1 men category.

There is a short interview with Andrea:


Andrea Romeo, gteam, galasportGreat result men! That is amazing. I think that this is one of your best results, isn't it?

Yes it is.. 


Tacen is one of the World Cup's traditional courses. How do you like this course?

I like it a lot. I live quite close to Tacen. It's only two hours by car so I can be here almost anytime I need. It is an old style course where you need to feel the water in every stroke. You have to be very concentrated because the mistake can occur very fast. You have to use the water to make a good time.


Do you remember your first race in here? How was it?

Sure I still remember it. It was in 2006 - Italian selection race. I was really afraid of the jump. Fortunately quite a big rain has come and the start line was moved under the jump due to the high water. I was really happy to see it :) 


I do remember that it was usually Slovenian paddlers who used to win World Cup in Tacen. They were almost unbeatable. This time it was you and two german paddlers taking medal possitions. What is the secret to make a medal in Tacen?

I asked the same question Peter Kauzer in 2009. It was during a training session and I wanted to know how to be fast in Tacen. He answered this: "Keep your balance and paddle strong" :) I keep it in my mind every singe race here.


Was it your first final ever in Tacen?

Yes, I did some finals in world ranking series but never in World Cup. I was so happy to be in final and this result is still more amazing. It's really reat that this happened just in Tacen.


Did you expect such a good result just after your final run? 

Yes I felt it. I was really satisfied with my run. I did even think about a gold medal but Fabian took it away from me by a really nice run. 


Fabien has beaten you by 0,2s. That's not too much. Was there any senseless mistake on the course?

0,2 s is nothing. It's difficult to say if I could be better somewhere. I could be slower somewhere else :) Fabian was probably faster under the bridge when he kept his boat going and I stoped my boat just for a moment. Anyway I am proud of my run and I will keep it in my mind for a long time.


What will you make with the price money? :)

Haha! In Italy there is no money for medal possiton in World Cup but this result confirmed my presence in World Championship in USA which is really great.


Next World Cup is in Prague. What result do you expect there?


I have one goal for this season. I would like to be in TOP 10 in all races. I did 10th place in Vienna and 2nd place in Tacen. I would love to be in final in Prague again. Once I am in final I can just enjoy the run to make the best result possible. Anyway thank you all your support.


Good luck to you!